Calculate your free tickets

We advise you to visit our attractions outside peak season. You will get the greatest benefit from your day and we will offer you a better service and a larger number of free tickets for your school group.

Attention: The benefit of free entry applies only if a booking has been made in writing or on line. It does not apply to meals or picnics.

Method of calculating the benefits

Period A : 23 to 30 June
> 1 free for 20

Period B : May and June
1 free for 10

Period C : rest of the year
1 free for 7

Example: If a school group of 40 pupils and 2 teachers visits the Estate on a period C it will receive: 40+2 = 42/7 = 6 free entries (2 teachers + 4 pupils).

Quick booking

If you book before 12 April 2016 (based on the franking date or the date of the fax or email), you will be granted “green day” conditions for any date at all, even the end of June! However, these last days tend to experience high numbers of school trips.