Special visits

Red deer rut at dawn

A thrilling 3-hour-long guided walk, during which you will be provided a wealth of information about the King of the Forest! 


Since time immemorial, wild deer have fascinated and inspired mankind. Autumn, a magical time of year bursting with a magnificent array of colours, is the perfect time to observe this magnificent wild animal, and above all, to hear the impressive roars of love of the stag!

In order to admire one of Mother Nature’s finest wildlife spectacles, you will have to get up early, really early... But we can promise you one thing: you will definitely not regret getting up with the larks! So come and join us in front of the Ticket Office at 7am! 

Walking tour – Free coffee and croissant for all you early birds!

Visits exclusively in French and Dutch!


Below rates are for online purchases.
Prices at the counter are increased by € 1/child and € 2/adult.

Booking compulsory!

At 7 a'clock in the morning, our office is still closed. That's why it is very important to settle your reservation before your coming! 

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More info:

info@grotte-de-han.be   ●   +32 (0)84 37 72 13 

Good to know:

Nightfall is also a great time of day to admire the rut of the red deer. That's why we also offer special evening visits by Safari-bus.

More info here!

Our advice

Please remember to dress warmly and wear walking shoes!