Experience the red deer rut in the Wildlife Park

Red deer rut

As autumn rolls in, you can hear mysterious roars echoing in the heart of the forest…

The sound of stags locking antlers in head-to-head battles and their mighty roars form the soundtrack for one of nature’s great spectacles: the deer rutting season.

The mating season has started: fierce and spectacular mating battles whose outcome will decide who is top stag and will mate with as many females as possible. Come and experience the impressive ritual of the King of the Forest and discover idyllic landscapes ablaze with a magnificent array of colours typical of the Indian summer.

The different visits: enjoy the magic at daybreak or twilight

Autumn is the perfect time to observe the King of the Forest and hear his love calls. Either at daybreak or twilight follow us on the traces of the dominant males and experience an amazing and unique wildlife moment!

Good to know

Both dusk and dawn are ideal times of day to listen to the impressive sounds of the roaring stags... But, you will also hear them roaring during your daytime visits to the Wildlife Park!

The special red deer rut visits do not follow the same route as the daytime visits to the Wildlife Park. If you want admire our many animal species, we recommend you visit the Wildlife Park during the day as well, either by Safari-bus or on foot.

Come and see how the animals prepare for the arrival of winter and admire the forest as it cloaks itself in its flamboyant autumn colours...

Come on, admit it, you'd love to come and experience the magic of the Indian Summer in the Domain of the Caves of Han!

Red deer rut