Four Arctic wolf pups in the Wildlife Park


Once again, the Domain has delightful news to share: four Arctic wolf pups were born in the Wildlife Park... It goes without saying that these new births were greeted with great enthusiasm!

Louveteaux arctiques

Last year, our young she-wolf Keysa had already surprised us with her very first litter when she gave birth to a young female pup called “Greya”. These new births have filled us with great joy, especially as the Domain of the Cave of Han was blessed with many births in 2019. Quite a few species welcomed a new family member this year: Przewalski horse, European bison, aurochs, reindeer, deer and chamois.

Thursday 16 May was a very special and long-awaited day for our Park Rangers, as this was the day they could finally take a closer look at the two-week old pups. After – not without difficulty – extracting the tiny pups from their den, Goulven (our veterinary) was able to give them their very first health check. Our vet was absolutely delighted with what he saw: the pups were the very picture of health and already weighed 3 kg. During this veterinary exam, which lasted about half an hour, they were all vaccinated and had a microchip implanted. After their health check, the four tiny canines swiftly returned to their den, eagerly awaited by the rest of the pack. An unforgettable day, filled with emotion for Coralie, Océane, Madison and Adrian, the Domain’s animal carers!

Take a peek at our video of the wolf pups