Inauguration of the Draperies


Since the start of this season visitors have been able to explore the new Chamber of Curtains.

New chamber?! ... It’s not so certain... Our older visitors might remember visiting “the Chamber of Reflections”, as it was customarily known until 1970. New installations and a completely new LED lighting system that is more economical and more environmentally friendly make it once more accessible to our visitors.

It is also from this chamber that the southern network was discovered. This network is not part of the tourist route but it is potentially of major scientific interest.

The inauguration of this chamber was also an opportunity for the Domain of the Caves of Han to highlight all the explorers who have, through their discoveries, allowed us to bring new chambers and galleries of the Cave of Han to light.

So it’s only natural that Marc Jasinski should once more put on his diving suit so as to reconstruct for the guests and journalists present the passage through the siphon and the discovery of the southern network.