The Arctic wolves have arrived!


This year, the Domain of the Caves of Han is delighted to welcome a pack of arctic wolves! Two male wolves arrived from Denmark at the beginning of March, while a female wolf is expected to join us from a French Wildlife Park sometime in June.

Why two male wolves?

It is essential for the stability of the pack that the she-wolf can pick and choose her mate, just as she would in the wild. In due course, the breeding couple will have wolf - cubs. We aren’t expecting any pregnancies this year as the wolves are still too young and will only reach maturity in 2 to 3 years time.

Don’t be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!

The European wolf, which visitors have been able to admire in the Wildlife Park for several years now, is cursed with a rather negative image; more often than not it is associated with its fairy-tale counterpart: the Big Bad Wolf. The Arctic wolf, on the contrary, enjoys a more positive image, and in Northern Canada it is known as the caribou’s doctor. In the wild, it preys on injured or sick animals, which prevents diseases from spreading throughout the herd.

Throughout 2018, a wide range of activities will be organised in the Domain of the Caves of Han, as we will be celebrating the Year of the Wolf! It is crucial for us to play our part in the awareness campaign. We also need to help prepare the population for the imminent return of the wolves to the wild, as several wolves have already been spotted near our country borders.

From now on, visitors can admire the arctic wolves in the park's upper section, not far from their European cousins!