The Domain is colonised by artists!


Artists here, artists there, artists everywhere!

Discover Mother Nature through the eyes of an artist! The Wildlife Park is dotted with the works of artists encouraging us to take a closer look at nature's treasures, to enhance our appreciation of the many beauties of nature that surround us... They have sculpted wood and carved stone, shaped metal and painted their hearts out so you can see nature's bounties with fresh eyes.

Recently, the Wildlife Park welcomed the stone sculptor, Philippe Leonard. For as long as he can remember he has been both fascinated by and passionate about nature and the mineral world. Through his creations he attempts to act as a go-between and interpreter between Rock and Mankind... Each time, he faces the challenge of an extremely delicate balancing act; the artist is caught between what the raw material will instinctively inspire him and the sheer logic that is dictated by art work’s ultimate form. The Domain of the Caves of Han asked the artist to apply his unique artistic view to a number of hand-picked areas in the Wildlife Park, encouraging the passing visitor to take a closer look and truly appreciate the beauty of the natural relief surrounding us, sublimated by the artist’s touch.

In March, the Domain had the pleasure of welcoming Willy Niodo, a wood sculptor who uses a chainsaw to carve out his sculptures. His innate artistic sensitivity and his chainsaw work hand in hand to create stunning sculptures, remarkable not only because of their sheer realism, but also because of the emotions they exude... He was here for a month and a half, and sculpted a whole series of magnificent sculptures, four of which you can admire in the Wildlife Park: a vulture, a snowy owl, a barn owl, and, and a squirrel.

This summer, our Tearoom "La Verrière" will have the honour of welcoming Lincoln the bear. This impressive, yet entirely harmless bear towers 3 meters high and weighs a ton, and is entirely made out of weathering steel. Every single hair was painstakingly shaped, one at a time, totalling a whopping 1,000 hours of work! A magnificent creation from the decorative ironworks company, Demoulin Ltd.

Nearby the cave exit, our restaurant “Le Pavillon”, near the Lesse’s riverbanks boasts three superb sculptures by Willy Niodo: a bear and two eagles! And while you’re having a quiet drink on the terrace, you can admire the superb fresco, painted on wood panels by Gedeon Horvath. The mural, which is 12m long and 2m high, was inspired by the old fashioned tourist posters from the early 20th century. It depicts an idyllic scene with tourists in 1900 period clothes standing in front of the “Trou de Han”, where the cave exit is.