The Cave of Han

Practical tips

  • Remember to bring outer garments:  this humid environment is a constant 13°C.
  • Leave pushchairs in your vehicle: There are 508 steps up and down spread throughout the route.
  • The classic tour of the Cave is not accessible to people in wheelchairs: for a modified tour consult our special “Disabled” page.
  • You may take photos without FLASH in the Cave.
  • Dogs on leads are allowed in the Cave.
  • There are no toilets in the Cave so remember to make a toilet stop at the cafeteria before taking the
  • Have you already bought your ticket online? Follow the red line on the floor in Reception and go directly to the tram departure platform. If you would like further information, do not hesitate to visit the Information office located in the reception lobby.
  • Follow your tour of the Cave with the PrehistoHan museum (included in your Cave ticket or your PassHan).

Duration : 1:45 / 508 steps / dogs allowed Poussette interdite


Cave of Han - Chamber of the Scarab Beetles