Speleo Quest

Play at speleologists!

On the fringe of the laid-out network of the Cave of Han, pick your way along our Speleo Quest! Look for the clues that are hidden all along the trail, clues that will lead you to the hidden treasure of the Brigands of Han, a lawless bunch that pillaged the area in times gone by. A secure off-the-beaten-track route for scrambling through the mud of the river and the scree... Welcome to sensation seekers!

  • Boots, helmets and overalls will be lent to you at the entrance. Want to make sure you’re comfortable? Feel free to bring your own rubber boots!
  • Buy online at lower price!
  • Avoid the queues and call our Bookings Team to set the date and time of your visit: reservations@grotte-de-han.be  ●  +32 (0)84 37 72 13 
  • For those of 6 years or older (children under 12 must be accompanied).
  • For safety reasons, we only grant access to the Parcours Speleo to parties of at least two people. It is not possible to take the tour on your own, access will be denied to unaccompanied visitors.
  • Price: € 21.50/adult - € 15.50/child.

Parcours Speleo

Opening hours in 2020: to be announced soon!


For more information:

info@grotte-de-han.be   ●   +32 (0)84 37 72 13

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