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You can either buy your ticket from our Ticket Office when you visit us, or buy it right now from our online ticket office.

Our top tip

If you buy your tickets online, not only will you get them at a reduced rate, you can also skip the queues and head straight for your visit! Online tickets will remain valid throughout the season.

Buy online, it's cheaper!

Best bargains

Buy the Passhan ticket and visit all of our attractions: the Cave, Wildlife Park, the PrehistoHan museum and Han 1900!

The GoldPass annual ticket: for less than the price of two Passhans, you will enjoy unlimited access to the entire Domaine as well as partake in a wide range of events that are organized in the Wildlife Park and the Cave! Read more about all of the exclusive extras you will enjoy as a GoldPass Club member here.

Opening times

Opening and depature times may vary depending on the time of year. We strongly advise to take a quick peak at our the times before you visit us.

If you would like to discover the Wildlife Park on foot, we strongly recommend you visit our Information Desk for detailed information about departure times for the long or short tours!


For group bookings (>20 people) and disabled vistors, please contact our Bookings Team.   ●   +32 (0)84 37 72 13 

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Any doubts? Any questions? More details needed? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you with any further information:   ●   +32 (0)84 37 72 13 

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