Sleep in the trees



2019 prices: 

Adults: 120 € per person
Children (4 to 11): 75 € per child
Minimum fixed rate for the stay: 195 € (if the total due for the guests in your party is inferior to this amount).

Our Tree Tents can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults + 2 children.

From mid-September onwards, we recommend you bring your own sleeping bag (in addition to the duvets made available on the spot). You can also rent a sleeping bag for € 10/person. 

Are included in this deal:

  • A private guided walk in the Lesse’s dry river valley
  • A full meal including :
    • Aperitif (sparkling wine)
    • Barbecue and drinks (37,50 cl of red wine per tent + 25 cl of Blonde de Han (our local beer) per person, and as much water and grenadine syrup as you want)
    • Dessert
  • A night in a Tree Tent
  • Breakfast
  • PassHan Ticket

Optional extras:

  • Private guided tour of the Cave’s secret galleries
  • Exclusive visit to the Wildlife Park accompanied by a wildlife expert