Disabled visitors (group visits)

Groups, associations, schools, care centres and day care centres… Do you look after people in wheelchairs or who have difficulty getting around and wish to arrange a day trip to the Domain of the Caves of Han?

Contact our Bookings Team. A tailored tour for your group of a maximum of 10 people in wheelchairs can be arranged!

Obligatory booking 

For logistical reasons it is essential to book!   ●   +32 (0)84 37 72 13 


Attention, it is important to bring an able-bodied companion of similar weight for each person in a wheelchair.

Practical information about the tour

The Cave

We offer you an 800 metre route through the galleries with, as the climax, a sound and light show in the Hall of Weapons. You exit via big walkways directly above the Lesse, with the famous firing of the gun that marks the return to the open air.

The Wildlife Park

For the tour of the Wildlife Park, an adapted trailer fitted with a lift takes visitors in wheelchairs (maximum of 10) to discover the many animals in semi-freedom and the breathtaking scenery.


PrehistoHan is also accessible to the disabled thanks to a lift that allows them to access the first floor of “La Verrière”. The interactive cinema has room for 5 people in wheelchairs.

Han 1900

A large part of the museum is on the ground floor. At the moment we do not yet have a lift to permit the disabled to access the first floor.