The Wildlife Park

Special flora

Pasque flower

The pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) flowers at the start of spring in chalk grassland. It is a rare species with full protection in the Walloon Region. This flower with its purple petals and yellow stamens is reputed to relieve migraine. In any event, it is a highly poisonous plant. It can burn your throat, cause vomiting, dizziness and respiratory problems.

Pasque flower


Open, dry and hot environments are the domain of the juniper, one of only three indigenous conifers. This bush with its evergreen needles was once used for smoking hams. Its edible berries are used in cooking.

St. Bernard’s lily and Aster linosyris

The St. Bernard’s lily and the yellow Aster linosyris flourish in the most arid spots. At the end of summer, the latter are the last of the gorgeous blooms of these biotopes, which have become rare in Belgium.

The elm

The Elm

You can find several species of elm in the Wildlife Park: the field elm, the white elm and the wych elm. At the Chasm of Belvaux, you can see a magnificent white elm. Its age is estimated at over 300 years and its circumference is 6.27 m! This tree is included in the atlas of remarkable trees of the Walloon Region. Lastly, what makes it really special is that its trunk is hollow! Not bad for games of hide and seek?!