The Domain

Sustainable development


Where “astonishment” combines with “saving the environment”

The Domain of the Caves of Han, conscious of the infinite beauty of the Cave and the Park, has since its creation striven to reconcile “tourist activity” and “conservation of the natural heritage.” Thanks to this ecotourism approach, the authentic, wild character of the location has been well maintained.

The Domain has set itself three major goals that are dear to its heart:

The conservation and reintroduction of endangered species

The Wildlife Park provides a home for endangered species such as the European bison, Przewalski’s horse, the wolverine, the brown bear and also species reconstituted following their disappearance such as the aurochs and the tarpan. For over 10 years the Park has been involved in various schemes to reintroduce large herbivores into the wild.

Réintroduction de bisons d'Europe dans les Carpates

Conservation of the natural heritage

Since 2012 the Wildlife Park has formed part of the Natagora “Nature Network.” In connection with this it has made a number of commitments concerning ecological management of the area and is managing several projects in partnership with the association.

Protection de l'environnement - réseau Nature de Natagora

Raising awareness

The Domain of the Caves of Han strives to raise public awareness of the importance of conserving nature and the wild animals living in our region as well as of their roles in our ecosystems. 

Sensibilisation avec Ranger d'un jour