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Over 500,000 years ago the Lesse, a river flowing within the confines of the Ardennes, left its natural valley and forced its way into the limestone massif known as the Massif de Boine. It resurfaced 2 km further along, having crossed the massif from side to side. By crossing the massif, it contributed to the formation of an extraordinary network of underground caves, the Caves of Han.

This phenomenon of the disappearance and re-emergence of a river is unique in western Europe.
The network of caves that has been discovered under the massif is of exceptional beauty. With their three stars in the Michelin Guide, the Caves of Han have been visited for 150 years and have already attracted over 30 million visitors.

The site of the Massif de Boine and of the “chavée”, the ancient abandoned valley of the Lesse, has been laid out as a Wildlife Park for the wild animals of our lands: wolves, lynx, bears, bison, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, ibex…
This 250-hectare site of unspoilt nature allows you to contemplate these animals roaming free or semi-free in a natural setting of exceptional beauty.

Since the Neolithic age, the Han site has been known and venerated and the place of the re-emergence of the Lesse became a cult and pilgrimage site. Very many archaeological objects have been discovered at the bottom of the Lesse and on its banks, probably thrown in as offerings.

An interactive exhibition, the PrehistoHan, will help you relive the “prehistory” of the Caves of Han.
In the "Han of Yesteryear" museum, you will relive the daily rural life of the inhabitants of Han of a hundred years ago.

And to see the Cave with other eyes or to enjoy a different experience of the Wildlife Park, join in our special events and tours throughout the year. See our Special visits Calendar!

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