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The red deer

red deer

Majestic and dignified, the red deer is rightly known as the King of the Forest. He carries magnificent antlers, made of a bony material, which appear at around the age of six months. They fall each year between February and April, growing back in about 100 days.

The red deer lives in the heart of the forest. When the herd moves, it follows an old hind while the red deer brings up the rear, head held high. Males and females generally live in separate groups, except during the mating season.

It is a ruminant, eating leaves, grasses, and bark.

The belling of the stag announces the start of the rut in September

The belling of the red deer announces the start of the rut in September. Naturally mild-tempered, the red deer now becomes enraged and dangerous, even to man. He engages in savage and spectacular fights with his rivals in order to attract the largest number of females.

In May the hind gives birth to one or two fawns. Their coats are tawny with patches of white. In the adult, the coat is tawny-brown in summer and grey-brown in winter.