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The Domain of the Caves of Han offers various restaurants and picnic sites. From snacks to 3-course meals: discover our range of deals to suit your taste during your visit. 

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  • Le Pavillon

    Le Pavillon

    This restaurant-brasserie "Le Pavillon", located at the exit of the Cave, offers a varied menu and focuses on local products.

  • La Verrière

    La Verrière

    Close to the playground, the "La Verrière" tea room offers a wide range of ice creams, crepes and waffles. "La Verrière" also offers snacks.

  • Our catering outlets

    Our catering outlets

    Feeling peckish? There are snack bars in the visitor reception building, near the Cave exit and along the Pedestrian Path in the Wildlife Park.

  • Our picnic areas

    Our picnic areas

    Several picnic areas are spread out over the Domain. Please bear in mind/keep in mind that you are Mother Nature’s guests. Do not drop litter; put your garbage in the trash cans! We would also like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to feed the animals.