The snacks


Snack - cafétaria

The cafeteria (in Reception):

Before boarding the tram or the Safari Bus, let yourself be tempted by a little snack. Free Wifi access lets you stay connected while enjoying a good coffee or a local beer. In the season, “La cafeteria” also offers various deals on takeaway picnics to eat in the Park.

Chip shop (exit from the Cave):

On the bank of the Lesse, at the exit to the Cave, enjoy “good chips” and everything that goes with them.

Tivoli (in the Park, on the pedestrian route):

After a 2.5 km walk, allow yourself a little break at Tivoli, the old terminus of the Estate’s famous century-old tram. Here they sell drinks and snacks and also small meals in the high season. (Picnics permitted).