Our catering outlets


Snack - cafétaria

Feeling peckish? There are catering outlets in the visitor reception building, near the Cave exit and along the Walking trail in the Wildlife Park. 

The cafeteria (in the visitor reception building):

Before boarding the tram or the Safari-bus, let yourself be tempted by a little snack. Free Wifi access lets you stay connected while enjoying a good coffee or a local beer. In the season, “La cafeteria” also offers various deals on takeaway picnics to eat in the Park.

Chips shop (exit from the Cave):

On the bank of the Lesse, at the exit to the Cave, enjoy “good chips” and everything that goes with them.

Tivoli (in the Wildlife Park, along the Walking trail, after the Arctic wolves):

After a 2.5 km walk, allow yourself a little break at Tivoli, the old terminus of the Domain’s famous century-old tram. Here they sell drinks and snacks and also small meals in the high season (picnics allowed). 



Chez Willy (in the Wildlife Park, next to the bears):

Need a break? Tasty craft beers, cold beverages, ice creams, waffles... Just sit down and relax while admiring our bears in their new brand new living area !