The Cave of Han

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Climb aboard a century-old tram for a trip of almost 4 km to the entrance to the Cave.

Tram à l'entrée de la Grotte de Han

Accompanied by a guide, set off to discover this mysterious network which has not yet given up all its secrets. This trip is done on foot, is almost 2 km long and takes about 1 hr. 45 mins.

Durée : 1h45 / 508 marches / chiens autorisés Poussette interdite

Salle des draperies

Listen to the vault vibrating to the sound and light show in the Hall of Weapons and admire the reflection of the luxurious draperies in the magic mirror that is the Lesse. From long walkways several metres above the river, you will be surprised by the echo of the canon shot fired at the exit to the Cave.

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