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Buy your ticket PassHan online through our website, avoid the queue and save up to €2 per PassHan. ATTENTION: the tickets should be printed on white A4-paper before your coming! TICKETS VALID UNTIL 06/01/2018, during the opening days and hours. REDUCTION: if you purchase a PassHan or a single entry for the Caves or the Parc, you can purchase the Parcours Speleo at our ticket office with €6 reduction per person!

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  Adults Child (4-11 years)
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Pass Han
(Cave + Park)
29,00€ X 27 20,00€ X 18.5
Cave 19,00€ X 17 13,00€ X 12
Wildlife Park 19,00€ X 17 13,00€ X 12
Annual Ticket   X 44   X 33
  • Free for children under 4
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