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  • The PassHan

    The PassHan, your passport to an amazing day at the Domain of the Caves of Han. With this ticket you can visit the Cave of Han, the Reserve, the PrehistoHan and Han Yesteryear.

  • The Cave of Han + PrehistoHan

    Visit to the famous Cave of Han and the interactive exhibition about the excavations and archaeological discoveries in the Cave.

  • The Reserve + Han Yesteryear

    This ticket covers a visit to the Wild Animal Reserve and to Han Yesteryear.

  • Events and special visits

    Buy and book your ticket for a special visit to the Cave of Han or the Wild Animal Reserve.

  • Our Year Pass

    Do you want to stroll in the Wildlife Reserve at any time and season ? Enjoy without limit our extensive program of special visits in the Caves and the Reserve ?

  • Group booking

    Are there more than 20 of you? If so, you will benefit from the group rate! Register your group and let our team guide you and create a customised visit programme for you suited to your requirements.

  • Réservation groupes scolaires

    Vous êtes enseignant et vous venez avec votre classe ? Enregistrez votre excursion via ce formulaire et communiquez nous vos préférences d’horaire. Notre équipe tiendra compte de vos souhaits (dans la mesure du possible). Nous vous enverrons ensuite une confirmation de réservation avec un programme détaillé.

  • Customised deals

    Would you like an exclusive customised visit to the Cave of Han or the Wild Animal Reserve? Leave us your contact details and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.