Sleeping in the trees

New treetop accommodation in the Domain!

Spend a night in the trees, in the very heart of our Wildlife Park. Discover our Tree Tents, on platforms suspended between trees, from which you can enjoy your very own private nature show with the red deer, fallow deer, aurochs, Przewalski horses or mouflon rollicking in the forest. A night in the trees? Definitely a night to remember!


We have prepared everything to make sure you enjoy an unforgettable stay!

Each Tree Tent is equipped with a king size 2m20 x 2m mattress. Sheets, eiderdowns and pillows are ready and waiting for you in your tent. In April and May and from mid-September, we recommend you to bring your own sleeping bag (in addition to the duvets made available on the spot). In front of your tent, on the platform, you can sit and relax on your very own cosy little terrace, equipped with a canopy, two chairs, and a small table, while admiring the animals gambolling on the grasslands. A lantern provides romantic lighting for the tent. Below the tree, on the ground, you can freshen up at the sink, or use the environmentally friendly composting toilets. 

Available on Fridays, Saturdays and Belgian public and school holidays (from 04/04 to 07/11/2020). For a minimum of 4 booked tents, you can also book the Tree Tents outside the scheduled opening days (subject to availability and booking required 2 weeks beforehand). 

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