Speleo Quest

Your tour

Board a century-old tram

The tram will take you to the entrance to the Cave of Han. There you get to the Speleo Quest by a little path.


Get kitted up

Before starting on the route, you will be given:

  • overalls
  • a helmet
  • a headlamp
  • wellingtons (If you prefer to wear your own boots, don't hesitate to bring them with you).

Then you’re ready to play at speleologists!

Venture into the Cave

Once you have been given some advice by an experienced guide, you can set off on your own on this subterranean escapade and look for the clues that are hidden all along the trail, clues that will lead you to the hidden treasure of the Brigands of Han, a lawless bunch that pillaged the area in times gone by...

Parcours Speleo

On this easy 600-metre parcours spéléo: climb, walk, crawl at your own pace. If you’re aren't afraid of mud and the dark, the route is very accessible and great fun. Attention: some sections are narrow.

  • Max: 30 people/hour
  • People of heavy build, with heart conditions or who suffer from claustrophobia are strongly advised not to try this.
  • For your own comfort, don't hesitate to bring extra clothes for after the Parcours Speleo.