The animals

De veelvraat

Le Glouton

Take the time to admire the wolverine, a rather curious animal that looks like it stepped right out of the land of fairy tales and legends. There are about 1.200 wolverines left in Europe, more specifically in Scandinavia, with about 100 wolverines living in captivity.

It is the largest species of the Mustelidea family, which also includes the badger and the weasel.

The wolverine is a fierce predator, but also an adept scavenger, and as such plays a fundamental role in the cold northern latitudes where it lives. The fearless wolverine is noted for its strength and frequently attacks much larger animals such as the reindeer. Wolverines have been known to battle bears when defending their food.

The wolverine is part of the European “Big Five”: our continent’s 5 most emblematic species. To read more about the Big Five, click here.