Disabled persons

The Domain of the Caves of Han has made considerable efforts to provide access for disabled people.

A vehicle with a lift can be booked to take about ten people in wheelchairs and their companions for a totally safe tour of the Wildlife Park.

Elévateur Safari-car pour PMR

For the tour of the Cave, there is a specially adapted route with no steps that allows people in wheelchairs to book a tour of some of the most beautiful galleries in the Cave. Attention, this route does however include several slopes. So bring an able-bodied companion of similar weight for each visitor in a wheelchair.

Grotte PMR

In addition to the many adaptations, the guides and reception staff have received specific training in dealing with the disabled.

These efforts with regard to accessibility were recognised in January 2012 by the CAP 48 association, which awarded the Domain of the Caves of Han the citizen’s business prize for accessibility for the disabled.

Prices are the same as for standard tours. However, it is necessary to book tours adapted to disabled people in advance. 

For individuals:

These tours are on fixed dates. 

For groups: 

Tours can be taken throughout the season depending on availability.

INFO & BOOKING (compulsory)

+32 (0)84 37 72 13  ●  reservations@grotte-de-han.be