The Wildlife Park

The animals

The Wildlife Park count mainly different kind of animal species that live or lived in our region. These animals roam semi-free in an area of 250 hectares. Amongst these species that have disappeared from our region or have been hunted to extinction in it, some like the tarpan and the aurochs have been recreated. Other endangered species are the subject of great attention and of reintroduction schemes.

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  • The wolf

    The wolf

    The big bad wolf has long been the subjects of tales, legends and cock and bull stories! But is it as “bad” as that?! Judge for yourself ...

  • The lynx

    The lynx

    On the side of the hill, our felines rest in the sun ...

  • The brown bear

    The brown bear

    In their recently redesigned den, Willy and Marlene await the visitors.

  • De veelvraat

    De veelvraat

    Take the time to admire the wolverine, a rather curious animal that looks like it stepped right out of the land of fairy tales and legends.

  • The Arctic wolf

    The Arctic wolf

    In the wilds of northern Canada, the wolf is known as the doctor of the caribou since by preying on the weakest, it leaves the herds in good health.

  • Przewalski’s horse

    Przewalski’s horse

    Not far from the wolves is a horse with an unpronounceable name! Don’t be fooled, it’s a wild horse that will not let you approach or stroke it!

  • The arctic fox

    The arctic fox

    Since 2018, three young Arctic foxes are comfortably settled in the Domain of the Caves of Han. The male foxes are called Jackons and Népal, while the female fox is called Speedy.

  • The wild forest raindeer

    The wild forest raindeer

    The wild forest reindeer is a cousin of the semi-domesticated reindeer. Sadly, the species is currently threatened by extinction because of its low birth rate and ever increasing mortality rate...

  • The European bison

    The European bison

    This endangered animal is well represented in the Wild Animal Reserve of the Domain of the Caves of Han.

  • The red deer

    The red deer

    At Han-sur-Lesse, the king of our forests dominates the plain and the other species that live there.

  • The wild boar

    The wild boar

    Considered as the emblem of the Ardennes Forests, the wild boar is the first animal that you will come across during your tour of the Reserve.

  • The wild cat

    The wild cat

    Look up ... higher!! The Reserve’s wild cats are excellent climbers and spend most of their time performing acrobatics on the branches of the trees in their enclosure.

  • The ibex

    The ibex

    At the Belvaux panorama, our ibex look over the first foothills of the Ardennes.

  • The roe deer

    The roe deer

    Keep a sharp lookout, this shy inhabitant of the Massif de Boine may be hiding anywhere in the Reserve ...

  • The tarpan

    The tarpan

    On the plain, you will never see them in the same place twice. They move around following the stallion, the sole authority in the herd. Imperturbable and calm, he doesn't even pay attention to the passing safari bus.

  • The fallow deer

    The fallow deer

    On the plain the fallow deer are not afraid of the safari bus and they are happy to be admired and photographed by visitors to the Wild Animal Reserve

  • The aurochs

    The aurochs

    Living peacefully on the plain, you wouldn’t know that this animal had inhabited our region several centuries ago.

  • The Poitou donkey

    The Poitou donkey

    Isn’t he fascinating, this donkey? He’s not at all shy and comes to meet the safari bus and the visitors.

  • The mouflon

    The mouflon

    The mouflon, which is difficult to spot, hides at the edge of the forest, on the plain.

  • The Highland cattle

    The Highland cattle

    At the end of the tour you will see the Highland cattle.