The Wildlife Park

On foot

Discover the Wildlife Park at your own pace via the Walking trail.

Along this walk, panoramas, hides and viewpoints will give you an opportunity to get as close as possible to nature and the animals. On the plain you will walk among the big herbivores that live in semi-freedom.

Das Wildtierreservat   Zu Fuß

Distance: 2.5 or 5.5 kilometres

The route is 5.5 kilometres long. After 2.5 kilometres – at the Chasm of Belvaux you can choose to continue on foot or you can board the shuttle. This will take you to the bears, which will leave you with 5 minutes on foot to the end of the walk. 

Practical information:

Picto Porte bébé conseillé Picto bicycles not allowed

  • Have you already bought your ticket online? Follow the yellow line at the Reception and go directly to the departure platform. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to visit the Information Desk located in the reception lobby.

  • Make sure you check the time of the last departure on the timetable (which is different for the long tour and the short tour).

  • End of the route: Extend your tour immediately by a tour of the Cave or go back to the village (important information: it is alas not possible to visit the cave with a pushchair).

  • Equipment: Kit yourself out with good walking shoes

  • Pushchairs: the first part of the pedestrian path is accessible for pushchairs with robust wheels (an all terrain or mountain buggy for example). But for your own - and your child’s - wellbeing we recommend you to take a baby carrier (sling or backpack). Nearing the end of the first part, there is a rather steep downhill slope (20%) taking you towards the rather impressive Chasm of Belvaux. 

    If you are nevertheless visiting the park with a pushchair, please free to request assistance from the staff in the Tivoli-bar (just before the descent).

    The 2nd part of the path is difficult for pushchairs to access. Folded pushchairs may be carried at the back of the shuttle 

  • Disabled: the footpath is not accessible for people with reduced mobility. For an adapted tour of the Wildlife Park, please see our special “Disabled” page.

  • Bicycles and scooters are not allowed.

  • For a good view: To enjoy your tour even more, don’t forget to bring your binoculars.

  • Follow your visit to the Park with the Han 1900 museum (included in your “Park” ticket or your “Pass Han”).

You are Mother Nature’s guests… Please help us protect her!

Bear in mind that you are nature’s guests. Do not harm nature and avoid shouting, which might frighten the animals and spoil your tour. We also ask you not to feed the animals!