The Cave of Han

PrehistoHan, included in your visit


The entry to the PrehistoHan is included in your “Caves” ticket or your “Pass Han”.


More than 50 years of archaeological excavations in the river Lesse

The PrehistoHan presents the many treasures that were yielded by the underwater excavations carried out in the river Lesse, nearby the cave’s exit. Films, models and photos will immerse you, alongside the intrepid divers, in the murky river water, so you can discover one of Belgium’s most fabulous archaeological treasures. An adventure that started in 1963!

The cCe of Han has been visited by man for over 9,000 years and has yielded an impressive amount of objects ranging from the Mesolithic up to the Modern Times.  The vast majority of objects date back to the late Bronze Age. The sheer quantity as well as the quality of the objects found here is why Han is considered one of the most important sites in Western Europe for this particular era.

The exhibition also boasts a number of display cases devoted to the bicentenary of the first-ever crossing of the Cave (1817-2017). The exhibitions also includes a section dedicated to local geology and the history of the discovery of Han’s underground network, which boasts a whopping total of over 17km of galleries and chambers ! A large scale model of the massif housing the cave – created for the 1939 Liège International Water Exhibition, and an animation showing the Lesse bursting its banks and flooding, completes the exhibition.

Then, the Speleogame, an interactive cinema, will take you on a discovery tour of the Cave of Han’s secret galleries. Put on your 3D glasses, grab your joystick and, off you go!

Practical info:

  • Dogs allowed (except in the cinema room)

picto 45 minutes   Picto chiens admis