The Cave of Han

Experience the mysteries of the subterranean world

A century-old tram will take you to the entrance of one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. With entirely new lighting the galleries are revealed as more and more impressive, more and more enchanting. From the gigantic Hall of the Dome to the Hall of the Draperies with its magic reflections, you will experience the most unforgettable trip in time.

The Cave of Han, which is exceptional in the beauty of its concretions and the immensity of its galleries, sculpted by the River Lesse which passes through it from one side to the other, has received almost 30 million visitors in over 250 years. It richly deserves its three stars in the Michelin Green Guide.

Grotte - salle Renard


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  • Your tour

    Your tour

    Accompanied by a guide, set off to discover this mysterious network which has not yet given up all its secrets.

  • PrehistoHan


    An interactive museum which takes you to the heart of the prehistory of the Caves.

  • Practical tips

    Practical tips

    Are you planning an exploration of the Cave of Han but you don't know how to arrange it? For practical tips click here ....