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The European bison

The bizon

European bison, which is related to the American bison, is the largest European mammal. Males can weigh up to 900 kg, females about 450 kg.
Once common throughout Europe, it lives in herds in wooded areas. Today it can still be seen in the wild in the forests along the Belarussian-Polish border.

Fully disappeared in the wild since 1920 a rescue plan was founded with 13 captivated individuals. Today the total population is estimated at only 3000, which makes the bison still a highly endangered species. The reserve actively cooperates in its’ protection. 

It is a herbivore, also eating branches, bark and acorns.

The bizon

During the rut the males have terrible fights to possess the females.

After 9 months' gestation the female gives birth to a calf.

Après une gestation de 9 mois, la bisonne donnera naissance à un veau.

The bison has a thick pelt, with an additional woolly coat in winter which it sheds in spring. It has short, wide-set crescent-shaped horns.